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Anyone is welcome to make a verbal or written complaint and DVCS welcomes and recognises complaints as an opportunity to reassess the ways DVCS operates and ensure the service is meeting the needs of the people we serve.

In all complaints matters you have a right to have an advocate, support person or interpreter to assist you through the process. DVCS can provide some options for you if you request this.


DVCS will:

  • Treat your complaint seriously and with respect.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all parties involved, keeping any information private to those directly involved in the complaint and its resolution, unless required to by law or the principles of natural justice (for example, one of the principles of natural justice is that if the complaint involves a particular person, they have the right to be informed about the nature of the complaint and to provide a response).
  • Aim to respond to all complaints within 1 month of receiving them.
  • Appoint an appropriate person within DVCS (who is not directly involved in the complaint), as Complaints Manager for your matter who will investigate and determine appropriate options for resolution.
  • Keep you informed of progress of the complaint.
  • Call you to discuss the proposed resolutions and seek your input and feedback on those resolutions.
  • Provide you with information for external complaints bodies if you are not satisfied with the proposed outcomes or wish to take the matter further.



There are a range of ways you can make a complaint to DVCS:

·       Use the DVCS Complaints Form to lodge a written complaint which
is automatically forwarded to the Director Corporate Services when you press


·        In writing (at or verbally (in person or via the DVCS admin phone
line on 02 62806999) to any of the following:

the DVCS Employee you were dealing with
at the time;

the Chief Executive Officer of DVCS; or

the DVCS Board.


·        By contacting the Director Corporate Services who is the person responsible for receiving
written and verbal complaints and managing the complaints process for DVCS. They
can be contacted on the DVCS admin phone line on 02 62806999 during working


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