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Can I leave home if I am unsafe? How can I help my friend who is unsafe?

This article was first published on the HerCanberra website on 27 August 2021. DVCS extends their thanks to the team at HerCanberra for their support.   ACT is now deep into lockdown 2.0. This means people will be spending more time inside their homes, and potentially more time in dangerous situations. We thought it might […]

DVCS service provisions during Covid Lockdown (August 2021)

The Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS) is an essential service and will remain available, 24/7, throughout the lock down period commencing at 5.00pm on Thursday 12 August 2021. We are, like all of you working to ensure we meet the needs of the ACT Community while ensuring safety and compliance for our team.   The following […]

Do you know how to support someone impacted by domestic and family violence?

Recently DVCS Chief Executive Officer spoke to the team at HerCanberra about how to support someone who is impacted by domestic and family violence. Having the confidence to respond appropriately is incredibly important as statistically, it is likely you know someone who has been impacted. To read the full article, please click on this link.

How can women keep themselves safe? Why should we even be having this discussion? Instead, shouldn’t we be asking, why can’t men stop assaulting women?

We totally agree. Men need to stop assaulting women. They need to stop assaulting women in the streets, in nightclubs, online, in the workplace and in their home. Just stop. Everywhere. According to the Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia: continuing the national story (2019) report prepared by the Australian Institute of Health and […]

Can I just take a pill and be cured of using domestic or family violence?

The simple answer to that question is, no. Domestic and family violence is not just about anger or angry outbursts, rather a pattern of behaviours of which angry outbursts are just one dynamic. Domestic and family violence includes physical violence and non-physical violence. Find out more about the different dynamics of domestic and family violence […]