If you are in immediate danger, please telephone 000.

If this chat remains inactive for 5 minutes, it will automatically close. You are welcome to commence a new chat, but information from the old chat will be lost.

We are the Domestic Violence Crisis Service. We are based in the ACT, Australia, and provide support to members of the ACT and surrounding region who are subjected to or use violence within their relationships. We also provide support and guidance to friends, family and colleagues of people experiencing domestic and family violence.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone over the telephone, please contact us on 02 6280 0900. You don’t have to give us your name.

We do not keep a copy of this online chat. We do make a record that the chat occurred and a summary of what was discussed. For more information, please view our Client Charter of Rights.

The Online Chat provides you with an opportunity to ask questions, access information and support, and assistance to help you to think about what you want to do next.

Accessing this service

Step 1: Understanding the online chat

Step 2: Agree to Terms of Use

Step 3: Complete basic information questions

Information provided is of a general nature only

DVCS is not able to give legal advice. DVCS is able to talk about legal issues in a general context, discuss how DVCS may be able to support you through legal processes, and refer you to relevant legal supports.

DVCS Chat offers an online opportunity to discuss your safety and support needs, providing information and referral as appropriate. DVCS Chat is not a counselling service. If you are specifically seeking counselling, please let us know and we can refer you to an appropriate service. Anything we discuss will be of a general nature only.

You are responsible for any decision you make after chatting with us.  DVCS is not responsible for any action you may take as a result of interacting with DVCS.

Personal information disclosure

For Information Safety, DVCS Chat cannot be used to update any of your personal information already held on file.  If you need to do this, please call our crisis line on 6280 0900.

Please note that DVCS cannot provide any personal information about court matters or any details specific to your file via DVCS Chat.  If you are currently a client and would like to discuss this, please call our crisis line 6280 0900.

Important Safety Information

Before you go any further, we want to make sure it is safe for you to speak to us via DVCS Chat.

Please be mindful of these questions.

  1. Am I concerned that someone who uses this computer will know I have searched the DVCS website?
    If you answered yes, it might be better to use another trusted computer such as a friend’s computer or a public computer.  You can find out more about tech safety and how to clear your browser history.  For more information, please view another part of our website.
  2. Am I concerned someone is monitoring software downloaded on this computer?
    If you answered yes, it might be better to use another trusted computer such as a friend’s computer or a public computer or telephone us on 02 6280 0900.
  3. Am I concerned someone has monitoring devices in the room I am currently sitting in?
    If you answered yes, and it is safe to do so, and you are on a laptop, it might be a good idea to move your laptop to another room.  Alternatively, please use another trusted computer such as a friend’s computer or a public computer or telephone us on 02 6280 0900.
    If you are confident you that you are safe to continue using your computer or want to find out more about tech safety, please read another part of our website.
  4. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers which you might find helpful.

What DVCS Chat can and can’t help you with

DVCS Chat Can

  1. Discuss your immediate situation with a focus on personal safety and help you to make a current plan to keep you safe.
  2. Discuss how you may be able to assist a friend or family member who is experiencing domestic or family violence.
  3. Provide you with information to enable you to contact a counselling service.
  4. Talk with you about your situation in general terms, discussing your safety and support needs.
  5. Provide relevant links to further information and appropriate services.

DVCS Chat Cannot

  1. Provide Court Outcomes.
  2. Update any personal information.
  3. Discuss any other person specifically.
  4. Receive complaints about DVCS service provision.