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End of Financial Year Giving

It’s the month of June, the last month before the end of the Financial Year. It’s this time of year DVCS seeks your donations to support the extra things our clients need.

So far this year, DVCS has supported more than 4,300 clients. More than 330 people, adults and children, have been placed into emergency accommodation for a total of more than 3,000 nights.

The DVCS team has responded to more than 28,850 incoming contacts, being an average of 82 per day. DVCS have initiated more than 33,400 outgoing contacts, being an average of 95 per day.

DVCS has engaged with clients, face to face, on more than 3,310 occasions. This equates to more than 9 per day.

DVCS continues to experience an increase in the number of clients and engagements each year. There are no signs to believe this might slow down in the future.

DVCS knows that with more and more awareness being created in our community, more and more people are going to reach out for support. And DVCS needs your help to continue to support them.

DVCS receives funding from different sources, including fundraising and donations. We use the income received as donations or from our fundraising activities to provide clients with a range of supportive and necessary items, including, but not limited to:


Emergency accommodation

We receive a grant from the ACT Government to pay for hotel accommodation for those who have immediate and high risk safety concerns. By the end of April, DVCS has already spent three times as much as budgeted.

DVCS maintains excellent relationships with a number of hotel providers in and around the ACT who ensure we are able to access safe, secure and clean rooms, 24/7. These hotels provide competitive rates.

However, this remains DVCS’s biggest need. If you make a donation of $180, you will be providing one night’s emergency accommodation for an individual, and possibly one or two children.


Mobile phones and credit

DVCS has given out more than 100 new mobile phones to clients so far this year.

Some clients need a new mobile phone as they don’t own one and it is a safety need, or because their current mobile phone was compromised or damaged by the person who uses violence against them.

DVCS do not use second hand phones due to the risk of those phones being damaged or compromised. All DVCS clients deserve to receive a safe and working mobile phone so they can access the internet for information and DVCS for support as required.

Your donation of $205, will cover the cost of a new smart phone and SIM card.


Security upgrades

DVCS has provided more than 70 security upgrades this financial year. Security upgrades are as little as a lock change to a CCTV system or installation of Crimsafe products. DVCS also provides personal alarms for clients who are at an increased risk of violence.

DVCS supports clients by purchasing the devices/systems and with payment of the monitoring, as required.

Donating $300, right up to $20,000 can cover the security upgrade for an individual or family.


Grocery and petrol vouchers

When DVCS places people into emergency accommodation, we ensure the accommodation has some form of kitchen so our clients can purchase and cook their own meals. DVCS provides clients with grocery and petrol vouchers so they can do their own shopping, promoting independence. Especially financial independence.

Each year, DVCS spends more than $12,000 on grocery and petrol vouchers. Donation from as little as $50 support the purchase of grocery and petrol vouchers throughout the year.


So from all of the staff, and clients, at DVCS, if you are able to donate any amount this EOFY, we kindly request that you do.

DVCS is a registered charity, which means any donation over $2 is tax deductible. If you make your donation via our GiveNow platform, you will receive a tax receipt via email almost instantly. If you’re interested in making it a regular gift, you can set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment via GiveNow too!

Thank you to everyone who gives to DVCS. We are super grateful!

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