I have children

Woman holding sonLiving with domestic and family violence can make parenting hard. As a parent you might be trying to work out what’s best for the wellbeing of your child/children. You might be concerned about taking them away from their home or school, or about taking them away from their father. You might worry that you won’t be able to protect the children if you separate. You might also fear that your children will be removed from you if you report the violence.

It is quite often the case that men abuse their partners but not their children. However even if children are not the direct targets of violence, it is not healthy for them to grow up in a home where there is violence and conflict. Research shows that the impact of domestic/family violence can last for many years, particularly when other disadvantages such as isolation, poverty, school situation are present.

Growing up in a violent home affects children in a number of ways, depending on their age, gender, emotional closeness to the parents, and the nature and severity of the violence.

Whether you are thinking about leaving your partner, have left your partner or plan to stay with him, there are services available for you and your children. Keep in mind that it is always the violent perpetrator who is at fault.

Please contact us here should you wish to discuss your options further. You can contact us anonymously. We do not make any sound recordings of our conversations, but we do record that we spoke to you. This record can be made anonymously. If you are unsure, please speak to our crisis workers at the commencement of the call.