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A Crisis Services Scheme was established in 2014 for women (or their children) with disabilities following a collaboration between the ACT Disability and Community Services Commissioner, Women with Disabilities ACT, the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, the Victims of Crime Commissioner and DVCS.

The scheme is based on the needs of women (or their children) associated with their intellectual, psychiatric, sensory or physical disability.  The scheme is available to women who choose to remain in their own home, women who choose to stay with family or friends, or women who require access to emergency accommodation.

Domestic and family violence is when someone is hurting you or treating you badly. The person hurting you could by your spouse or partner, your parent or child, or another family member and could also be your carer.  For more information on the different elements of domestic and family violence please view our Homepage.

The Women’s Health NSW provide pictures that show what domestic violence looks like and pictures demonstrating things you should be mindful of can also be found on their site.

Please contact us via one of the methods below should you wish to discuss your options further.  You can contact us anonymously.  We do not make any sound recordings of our conversations, but we do record we spoke to you.  This record can be made anonymously.  If you are unsure, please speak to our crisis workers at the commencement of the call:

  1. 24 Hour Crisis Line: 02 6280 0900
  2. Email: crisis@dvcs.org.au
  3. Via the contact form below

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If you are a person with a disability and think you might be experiencing domestic violence, in addition to the support DVCS provides, you may also like to contact:

Other ACT organisations:

Women with Disabilities ACT (WDACT) – Telephone 02 6290 2166

Advocacy for Inclusion – Telephone 02 6257 4005


Other National organisations:

Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline – Free call 1800 880 052

Australian Centre for Disability Law – Telephone 02 8014 7000 and TTY: 02 9211 5549  (Open Tue, Wed and Fri between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm)

People With Disabilities Australia – Free call 1800 422 015 and TTY Free call 1800 422 016