I don’t get hit

Domestic and family violence is more than just physical and/or sexual violence. It can include emotional, psychological or financial, or it could be a combination of all or some of these elements.

The non-physical elements are often not thought of as violence, but they are just as dangerous and common. Examples of this type of violence are:


  • Promising to change after a physical or non-physical incident
  • Pressuring you to do something you don’t want to and saying things like “You must not love me if you won’t do it”
  • Threatening to harm your children, family, friends or pets
  • Threatening to damage property


  • Calling you names or putting you down in private or in front of other people
  • Calling your family or friends names, or putting them down
  • Isolating you from your family and/or friends
  • Not allowing you to leave the house


  • Blocking you from having your own job
  • Blocking your access to your money or joint money
  • Giving you an “allowance” to purchase household necessities, often these amounts are insufficient

If you are experiencing situations like this, or aren’t really sure, we encourage you to contact our crisis workers here to discuss your situation confidentially.