I am a man

Man in bedAlthough domestic/family violence is more commonly experienced by women, it can happen to men too. Violence against any person is unacceptable. People who use violence against men include their children, wives or partners, parents and siblings.

Men who are subjected to domestic and family violence are more likely to be impacted by psychosomatic symptoms, stress, depression and alcoholism; than men who do not experience violence.

Many men who experience domestic and family violence feel a sense of shame about the abuse they are experiencing. This may be related to feeling like they should be able to protect themselves from violence. It is important to remember that it is never your fault and that men, like everyone else, are entitled to the full protection of the law when it comes to domestic and family violence.

If you are male and experiencing domestic and/or family violence, support and services are available. The Domestic Violence Crisis Service supports all people, including men and we encourage you to contact us. Other useful services may include Menslink and/or Canberra Men’s Centre.