When preparing to leave your home

It is important to plan ahead as this can make leaving easier, and safer. A person who uses violence and abuse may become more controlling, abusive and dangerous when they believe the person subjected to violence is planning to leave, as this threatens their sense of power and control.

If you have made the decision to leave, it may be useful to consider the following:

  1. Contact us on 6280 0900 to develop a comprehensive, personalised safety plan
  2. Leaving money, a set of extra keys and other necessary items with a trusted person
  3. Securing all your important documents, such as birth certificates, cheque books, passports and insurance papers. Alternatively make copies and give the copies to a trusted person
  4. Open a personal bank account, at a bank the person using violence does not use, and make regular deposits to increase your financial independence. But remember to make sure the statements are sent to a secure address, or delivered electronically
  5. Consider your accommodation options. If you are unable to stay with family or friends consider contacting OneLink or organising a private or government rental property

Please contact us here should you wish to discuss your options further. You can contact us anonymously. We do not make any sound recordings of our conversations, but we do record that we spoke to you. This record can be made anonymously. If you are unsure, please speak to our crisis workers at the commencement of the call.