DVCS Membership

Becoming a DVCS Member is a way for our community to support and engage with the work we do.  If you are interested in becoming a DVCS Member please complete the form below.  Your application will be reviewed at our next Board Meeting (held every six weeks) and should your application be successful, we will send you an invoice for payment and a Membership Pack.

Should you have any queries in relation to DVCS Memberships please contact us at admin@dvcs.org.au or on 6228 1794.

Your Agreement:

  1. To the DVCS vision of a world free from violence and abuse
  2. To support people affected by violence and abuse in their relationships
  3. To support people who use violence and abuse in relationships, which encourages them to take responsibility for, and stop using, violence
  4. Working collaboratively with Governments and other agencies
  5. Providng education and information
  6. Promoting and demonstrating good practice
  7. Initiating and participating in data collection and research
  8. Challenging the structural and systemic forces that produce domestic and family violence such as gender inequity
  9. Promoting a culture of respect and non-violence



  1. Receive a Members Newsletter each quarter via email
  2. Receive a copy of our Annual Report via email
  3. Receive early bird invitations to all functions and events
  4. Receive exclusive invitations to member-only functions
  5. Receive up to 5% discount on all functions and events
  6. Receive an exclusive invitation to the Annual Members Forum & Annual General Meeting


Recognition of your Contribution:

  1. Your name will be included in our Annual Report
  2. Your name will be included in our Members Newsletter & Staff/Board Newsletter – for new members only

Members can remain anonymous – please ensure you tick this box below.


The Process:

  1. Complete the online application form below, ensuring you complete all sections;
  2. Have your application endorsed by two current members of the Association.  If you do not know two people, we will arrange this if your application is accepted;
  3. The DVCS Board of Governance will consider your application at the next Board Meeting (held every six weeks);
  4. You will be notified of the outcome of your application shortly after the most recent Board Meeting;
  5. If your application is successful you will be sent a tax invoice for payment of your membership fee.  Your membership will become active once payment has been received and shortly thereafter you will receive your Membership Pack; and
  6. Members are required to renew their membership before 1 July annually.  An invitaiton to renew your membership will be emailed to active members in June of each year.



  1. Concession is $5.00 per annum
  2. General is $10.00 per annum
  3. Community Organisations & Not-For-Profit Organisations is $25.00 per annum
  4. Government Departments, businesses, organisations and corporations is $50.00 per annum



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 Concession ($5) Individual ($10) Community/Not-For-Profit Group ($25) Business/GovDept/Corporation Group ($50)

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