Day 6 – Susan, DVCS Crisis Intervention Employee

Name: Susan

Position: DVCS Crisis Intervention Employee

When did you start working with DVCS: March 2009

Why did you want to work/volunteer with DVCS: Growing up I saw close friends and family experience domestic violence and knew that they felt stuck in their situation and unable to move past it. I wanted to find a way to help and empower them to leave those relationships, though at the time I didn’t know how. I have always wanted to help people so I chose to study psychology and counselling at University in order to obtain a post graduate role assisting vulnerable people in the community. Working for DVCS I am able to empower individuals to make decisions about their life in a safe and supportive way. I believe that knowledge is power and by empowering people to understand their options and supports that are available to them is how we create lasting change in order to live a life free from abuse.

What do you think is unique about DVCS:  DVCS work with clients, supporting their decisions in a safe and caring environment, where information and options are provided and choices are supported, without judgement. This is truly unique as we acknowledge the client is the expert in their own lives, and through providing information on their options clients can feel empowered to make their own decisions. I think what is also unique, is regardless of if someone has previously declined our support, we always welcome contact at any stage without hesitation, noting that it can be incredibly difficult to first make contact, and people’s situations change over time and this can meet intermittent contact especially in a domestic violence context. DVCS does amazing work for clients and offers a wide range of support.

What would be the one message you want people to take away from reading about you:  If you’re experiencing domestic violence, please don’t be embarrassed or blame yourself.  Pick up the phone and call us on the crisis line (6280 0900) . I work at DVCS so I am able to offer you support, guidance and an ear, I’m not here to judge.