Day 16 – Mirjana Wilson, DVCS Chief Executive Officer

Name: Mirjana Wilson

Position: DVCS Chief Executive Officer

When did you start working with DVCS: I started working at DVCS in the crisis intervention team in July 2004. I did this after a long career in education.

What is your favourite thing about working at DVCS: The fact that it is so much more than a crisis service delivery organisation. The diversity in programs it now offers the community means that whole members of a family that have been affected by domestic and family violence can access supports. It is specialist and holistic work that can “wrap around” people as they work through getting their lives back onto something they hoped it could be.

What do you think is unique about DVCS: The amazingly diverse (and high) skill set of the wonderful staff we have. They are also truly representative of the diversity of the people we work with. That is so important when trying to engage with people when they are in crisis, vulnerable and with compromised safety. I also think that our commitment to work with all people affected by domestic and family violence sets us apart from most other specialist DFV services.

How would you like to see the DFV landscape change over the next year: I am committed to maintaining momentum on the issue of domestic/family violence – ensuring that we not only engage the community but keep governments accountable for their responsibilities in providing adequate and ongoing resources for funding and supporting the entire spectrum from primary prevention to crisis intervention to longer term support for families. I also want the private and corporate sector to continue to engage in this issue – not purely as philanthropic donors but seeing how their businesses and companies can make the lives of women better that invariably work for them or purchase services from them.

What would be the one message you want people to take away from reading about you: That what we ALL do can and often does make a difference – to individuals, families and communities. It is a great privilege to be invited into people’s lives, particularly in circumstances when they are in crisis and vulnerable and trust that we can provide them with correct information and support options that will assist them to make choices to keep themselves and their children safe.