Day 13 – Jacqui, DVCS Volunteer

Name: Jacqui

Position: DVCS Volunteer

When did you start working with DVCS: March 2016

Why did you want to work with DVCS: As an educator who works daily with students, I have seen the impact of domestic violence on students in the classroom, and I have also witnessed from afar the amazing work that DVCS does to support the family unit as a whole.  Volunteering allows me to show my support and shows those around me, including my own family, that actions may be small but in total mean a great deal.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering for DVCS:  The opportunity to meet amazing people and to make even a small difference to show my support for the work that the team does!

How would you like to see the DFV landscape change over the next year: Preventative education being more prevalent, and more support for children who have experienced domestic or family violence.

What would be the one message you want people to take away from reading about you: Every day we can make a difference, and sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.  If we can educate our young, and show them how to take positive action in the future, what an amazing world we would have!