Day 10 – Clare, DVCS Court Advocate

Name: Clare

Position: DVCS Court Advocate

When did you start working with DVCS: June 2015

What is your favourite thing about working at DVCS: It is a really wonderful feeling waking up each morning knowing that I will get to help someone every day. Whilst the work can sometimes be difficult, it is a very unique and special feeling to know you have hopefully made someone’s life just that little bit easier and hopefully a lot safer through assistance, information and support.

What do you think is unique about DVCS: DVCS provides such a broad spectrum of services, and because of this, the skill set within the workforce is incredibly knowledgeable and diverse. I think it’s unique to have employees with a diverse skill set coming from different educational backgrounds and working histories. We have people who have studied law, psychology, social work, criminal justice and counselling and then employees with experience in corrections, care and protection, refuges, youth services, government as well as the private sector. This vast variety of knowledge and experience is hugely beneficial to our clients when accessing a service and is what I believe makes DVCS truly unique.

How do you think the DFV landscape has changed over the past year: I think that more people are beginning to find strength to tell their stories and access supports and I think this can be attributed to there being more awareness on the prevalence of DFV and DFV not just being physical. I think the more we understand the power and control aspect of DFV as a whole, the more people begin to identify DFV in situations that previously they may not have otherwise noticed.

What would be the one message you want people to take away from reading about you: Whilst domestic violence is often hidden behind closed doors, and many people who experience violence think they are alone, it’s so important to remember that help IS available. If you are experiencing, or know someone experiencing domestic violence and are in need of assistance please get in contact with us 24/7 on 62800900.