DVCS Champions

In November 2015 DVCS were very excited to announce and introduce to the ACT Community their Champions.

Becoming a DVCS Champion is more than just signing a piece of paper and placing your photo on our website.  Our Champions had previously expressed an interest in joining the campaign to reduce domestic, family and intimate partner violence.  It is that exact reason that DVCS believes our partnership with our Champions will only continue to develop and foster change.

Not just anyone can be a DVCS Champion.  In addition to their expression of interest, our Champions are leaders in their field, have made a commitment to uphold the DVCS Vision and Objectives and will assist us in the ongoing engagement of the wider ACT community in relation to this issue.

Our Champions receive information and training in relation to what domestic, family and intimate partner violence is and detailed information about what services DVCS provides to the ACT community.  Additionally, our Champions assist us by increasing our network and community engagement, providing advice and guidance in their chosen fields and engaging with children we support as part of our Young People’s Outreach Program.



Christian Lealiifano Christian web close

Claim to Fame:  Rugby Union player for the Brumbies and Wallabies.

Current Occupation:  Co-Captain of the ACT Brumbies Rugby Union

Why Canberra:  Christian moved to Canberra to take up a contract with the Brumbies in 2006.  Since his move, two of his seven siblings have followed him to Canberra.  Christian thinks Canberra is a beautiful city that continues to grow and evolve.  He enjoys the easy living lifestyle and wonderful people.

Why DVCS:  Christian believes it is important to provide assistance to the people and families experiencing domestic and family violence, as well as create awareness and make change within our community.  He is looking forward to contributing to DVCS by raising awareness in our community and being involved with some of the programs run by DVCS.  If he can help change one person’s life for the better, he will be happy.  Christian wants to be part of moving this issue forward and making change.

Something Else:  Christian is currently studying Youth Work and hopes to work more closely with our Young People’s Outreach Program.

Social Media:  Follow Christian on Twitter and Instagram

Kristen Henry

Claim to Fame:  One half of Mix 106.3 Breakfast Show, writer for HerCanberra, The Canberra Times and Canberra Weekly

Current Occupation:  Radio Host and Writer

Why Canberra:  Kristen loves the people, the coffee and the clean air.  She is one of those people who likes the 6 degrees of separation and that Canberra is one big family.

Why DVCS:  As Canberra is such a close knit community, Kristen believes we all need to take responsibility and look after each other.  DVCS is an integral service to help us learn more about and eradicate domestic and family violence.  Kristen hopes to learn and be motivated by her engagement with DVCS.  She wants to gain a better understanding about what is happening in Canberra homes and making a contribution towards helping families struggling with domestic and family violence, especially the children.

Something Else:  Kristen teaches dance to young children each week.

Social Media:  Follow Kristen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow Mix 106.3 on Facebook and Twitter, Webpage


Adam Shirley Adam web close

Claim to Fame:  Broadcaster

Current Occupation:  Broadcaster and Journalist with 666 ABC Canberra

Why Canberra: Having lived in Canberra for over 10 years, Adam likes the open minded modern city of Canberra.  He likes the combination of natural beauty and rapily developing character.  Adam enjoys and admires the informed, energetic, compassionate and generous locals of Canberra.

Why DVCS: Adam wants to listen. He wants to learn. He wants to help spread the word of how essential and incredible DVCS is.  Adam is also keen to drive change and educate the population on why the issue of violence, in particular against women and children, is a problem for every single person.  He is keen to engage with and learn from the amazing staff at DVCS and gain a better understanding of the stories of those who have experienced violence.

Something Else:  Adam is a scientist and previously worked at Queastacon

Social Media:  Follow Adam on Twitter and Instagram

Sparrow-Folk: Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley

Claim to Fame: Canberra’s very own statire comic duo.  Juliet is also Founder of the Fearless Initiative Comedy Gala.

Current Occupation:  Self-employed comedians

Why Canberra:  Juliet and Catherine love that Canberra is more like a big old country town than a city, it gives a sense of community and connection.  They love the quirky differences in Canberra as they are great fodder for comedy.

Why DVCS: Having been long time supporters of the work DVCS does for families of the ACT, it was a natural progression to become DVCS Champions.  Juliet and Catherine recognise the importance of organisations such as DVCS in providing practical and emotional support to all people in the ACT who are experiencing violence within their relationships.

Something Else:  Both Juliet and Catherine also have full time day jobs, in addition to their roles with Sparrow-Folk, being a DVCS Champion and raising family.  Is there anything these women can’t do?

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Alan Tongue Alan web close

Claim to Fame:  Former Captain of the Canberra Raiders

Current Occupation:  Education & Welfare with the NRL, Youth Worker with ACT schools and Corrections, NRL Commentator for Fox Sports and ABC Radio

Why Canberra:  For 15 years Alan has lived in Canberra and thinks our Nation’s Capital is a wonderful place to bring up a family, with so many great schools and facilities.

Why DVCS:  Alan acknowledges DVCS is an important service providing 24 hour support for people in need, in tough siguations.  He hopes to continue to support and promote the work DVCS is already doing within Canberra and to continue to educate and raise awareness around family violence with young people.

Something Else:  Alan received a NRL Captain of the Year award during his term as Captain at the Canberra Raiders and assisted in the education of his team in relation to domestic and family violence.

Social Media: Alan’s webpage

Amanda Whitley Amanda web close

Claim to Fame:  Creator and Director of the HerCanberra brand and 2016 ACT Woman of the Year

Current Occupation:  Publisher of HerCanberra

Why Canberra: Amanda attended university in Canberra and fell in love with the wonderful sense of community, relaxed lifestyle, clever people, amazing food, wine and cultural scene and the willingness our community has to work together to make things happen.

Why DVCS:  Because domestic and family violence is usually hidden behind closed doors, Amanda hopes to assist in keeping the conversation going and further the message that domestic and family violence can happen to anyone, regardless of age, stage or socio economic and it is not aceptable.  She knows we all need to work together to reduce future incidences.  Amanda is looking forward to the opportunity to raise awareness of the work DVCS does and the issue more generally.  This issue is close to Amanda’s heart and she is proud to be involved.

Something Else:  Amanda published her first magazine at age 11!

Social Media:  Follow HerCanberra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and online

We are conscious to ensure our Champions receive mutual satisfaction from their role with us over the term of their engagement.  With that in mind, we do not propose to have extensive numbers of Champions, but we acknowledge members of our community might be interested in this role.  If you are interested in this role, we are happy to consider your expression of interest.  If you would like to be considered please forward your expression of interest, together with your resume and what unique skill set or network you are able to offer DVCS to admin@dvcs.org.au.  Your application will be considered by our Board, please note this process can take up to four months.