Charter of Client Rights

You have the right to…


  • You will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • You will receive a quality service that recognises individual differences such as age, culture, gender, sexuality, ability, location and circumstance. DVCS values and responds to the needs of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • You have the right to question or comment on any aspect of your contact with DVCS.

Access to services

  • Be informed about what services you are eligible to access and to make decisions about what services you wish to receive.
  • Be informed about access to additional services, such as medical treatment, legal services or counselling as soon as possible.
  • Access a suitably qualified interpreter of your choice, if available.


  • Information that is accurate, clear and in a form you can understand.

Man on computerChoice

  • Make your own choices in relation to your perceived needs and to change your mind.
  • You can withdraw from contact with DVCS at any time.


  • Your privacy is respected and confidentiality protected within the confines and limitations of the Service and where safety is not compromised. Our Access to Client Information Policy and Privacy and Confidentiality Policy are available on request. 


  • We value and encourage your comments and contributions at any time and invite you to give us feedback on the services we provide.

Make a complaint

  • Make a complaint about the Service or treatment received and all complaints will be investigated appropriately and in confidence.
  • You will not be disadvantaged in receiving continuing service delivery by making a complaint.


Domestic and family violence is a fundamental violation of human rights and is unacceptable in any form.


Everyone has the right to be safe in their own home.


Please contact us here should you wish to discuss your options further. You can contact us anonymously. We do not make any sound recordings of our conversations, but we do record that we spoke to you. This record can be made anonymously. If you are unsure, please speak to our crisis workers at the commencement of the call.